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Madhubani’s largest hospital | Best Hospital in Madhubani 2021 | Cribs Hospital Madhubani

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Cribs Hospital In Madhubani

Madhubani, a place that was taken in 1972 from the old Darbhanga district, has a glorious history of ancient art, including Madhubani painting, which was produced as ‘Mithila art’ in the Mithila area of Bihar and its Shiva temple. Madhubani soon emerged as a well-known center of Khadi production once Khadi became very prominent. The term “Madhuban” means “Jungle of Madhu” from which Madhubani is derived, but it is often also referred to as “Madhu-Vani” meaning “sweet voice /language”.

The city of Bihar in Madhubani is now undergoing a significant change in the area of health services. Many municipalities that run hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes privately are seeking to provide the city’s citizens with affordable health services. In Madhubani hospitals, advanced healthcare facilities and new treatment methods are now available as well. Many small and large medical stores, X-ray clinics, and pathology laboratories are scattered across the area, where medications can be purchased or various tests / X-rays can be taken.

In Madhubani, a 24×7 ambulance service is also offered by most hospitals. The Madhubani blood bank is well prepared in times of emergency to provide patients with blood. In Madhubani city, conventional alternative treatment therapies such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, etc. are also gaining popularity.

Therefore, with the advent of large hospitals like Cribs Hospital, Madhubani is slowly and steadily becoming Bihar’s next healthcare hub in a place like Bihar that suffers from acute shortages of health services.

Cribs Hospital is situated in Madhubani, Bihar, among lush green areas. The hospital was founded by Mr. Mohammad Imteyaz (Noorani), president of the Cribbs Groups of Hospitals, which provides the everyday common man of India with its facilities and services. His line of hospitals is present in major cities such as Delhi and Gurgaon and has now set foot in Madhubani, Bihar’s healthcare sector. Cribs Hospital is acclaimed for leading the country’s private healthcare development. It has emerged as a leader in having an excellent role in the healthcare ecosystem with integrated healthcare. Cribs Hospital is acclaimed for leading the country’s private healthcare revolution. It has emerged as a pioneer in having an excellent impact on the healthcare ecosystem with integrated healthcare.

The cornerstones of Cribs Hospital concentrate their attention on medical excellence, providing the public with world-class healthcare facilities at affordable costs, and allowing the seamless adoption of new technologies and future devices. Cribs Hospital’s mission is to achieve the highest patient satisfaction by providing everyone in need of special medical attention with patient-centered healthcare.

Cribs Hospital’s faculty works with a mission to provide all our patients of different age groups with compassionate care. Under the budget, Cribs believes in offering quality services to the public. Cribs Hospital is delighted to retain its role as a trusted leader in delivering excellent healthcare with a reputation for patient satisfaction, quality, and ongoing growth.

Cribs Hospital provides its patients with world-class care but ensures that these facilities are accessible on a regular basis to the common man, along with a special time of 9-10 am assigned to treat their needy patients, where patients can obtain medical advice from doctors at a cost of only Rs 100. The hospital has two 24/7 operational ambulances as well as patient transport inside and outside the hospital. 150 ultra-modern beds are available at the hospital. Cribs Hospital has a facility in which separate wards are located for male and female patients. There are many notable departments at the hospital, some of which are:

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• Department of Medicine
• Department of Pediatrics
• Department of Surgery
• Dental Department
• ENT Department
• Radiology Department
• Gastroenterology Department
• Department of Dermatology and Cosmetology
• Cardiology Department
• Gynecology and Obstetrics Department
• Orthopedics Department

Cribs Hospital provides 24/7 services to deal with emergencies. The first touchpoint between the patient and the hospital is made by the Outpatient Department (OPD), which is managed by a team full of experts. The hospital is doing its best to guarantee that world-class standards are met by its laboratories. A number of high-tech devices and equipment such as MRI, Cathlab, NIKU, CT scan, ultrasound, TMT, and X-ray are available in the hospital, allowing stacks of diseases to be diagnosed under one roof.

Physiotherapy, anesthetics, PICU, critical care, and 24×7 power back-up are other facilities and services provided by the hospital to ensure that its equipment and services are running around the clock. Cribs Hospital has the potential to carry out all sorts of operations. The hospital has a specially dedicated operation theatre for eye care, ensuring its patients receive the highest quality of services. Under the continuous oversight of a team of specialist physicians, patients in the ICU, NICU, PICU, and Critical Care receive pristine care. Its in-house medical store is an important component of Cribbs Hospital. The hospital ensures that meetings between its senior and junior doctors from time to time are obligatory. Ensuring that the board of doctors has absolute transparency.

Cribs Hospital is one of Madhubani’s best hospitals, establishing it as a pioneer in the medical industry by providing its patients who come from various walks of life with the most personalized health care facilities Under one roof, they provide a broad range of medical services. They provide dynamic medical care to their patients at Cribs Hospital in Madhubani with the intention of relieving them as soon as possible of their health-related problems. Cribs Hospital has not only earned a name for being the best hospital in Madhubani by providing so much variety and abundance of high-quality services but has also established itself as one of the best hospitals in India.

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