The ENT Department at Cribs offers comprehensive care to various health conditions related to ear, nose, throat, neck. We have a team of experienced doctors using ultra-modern tools and equipment to treat problems like hearing loss, vertigo problem, nosebleed, etc. Our expert surgeons aided by state-of-art infrastructure deliver excellent clinical examinations to manage different ENT problems.

In certain cases, if surgery is the requirement then all basic tests are performed earlier and proper research is made before any final surgical procedure. There is one laboratory with advanced imaging facilities and modular operation theatres to handle all ENT related disorders. Deafness can also be impaired either partially or completely. 

Every time you need to visit an ENT specialist, we can help you in the best possible way. If there is some ear infection, hearing impairment, or any other problem related to ears, it can be fixed by our experts. We have expertise and proven result with surgeries on patients who are deaf and dumb. 

With our constant endeavour to provide path-breaking hearing solutions, our ENT Department beings gift of sound for patients. Each of our expert doctors is dedicated to providing high-quality and compassionate care using the latest equipment and complete patient care. We aim at delivering patient-centred services to all ages having defects of ears, nose or throat, etc. We are proficient to deliver medical and surgical treatments. 

In our ENT department, we do provide special care to kids with disorders of ear, nose, and the throat. Either your child’s condition is routine or serious, we do provide the highest level of care to meet the unique needs of kids. We offer comprehensive support from the initial evaluation through surgical repair and the recovery.