The department of Physiotherapy at Cribs is well equipped with all sophisticated equipment and tools that are vital for constant healthcare. Our team of physiotherapists provides treatment as per the international standards. They make sure that the treatment they are providing is safe and result-oriented.  

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Pain Management

  • Cervicogenic Headache and Migraine
  • Myofascial Syndrome
  • Acute Sports Injuries
  • Joint Pains
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Neck and Back Pains
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Rehabilitation Care

We have the expertise in joint replacement surgery, robotic knee replacement surgery, shoulder replacement surgery, and hip replacement surgery. We also treat complex orthopaedic conditions majorly joint reconstructions that have been damaged by injuries or infections, etc.

We are using high-end technology to diagnose and treat various orthopaedic conditions. Our operation theatres are well equipped with the latest tools and equipment for continuous monitoring and constant care. We are more dedicated to minimally invasive surgeries that are painless and results in fast recovery. You will get more time to stay with your dear ones and only a few days have to spend inside the hospital.

Our orthopaedic surgeons are experts in muscles, bones, ligaments, joints, and nerve treatment. Our other areas of expertise include foot/ankle orthopaedics, sports medicine, paediatric orthopaedics, spine surgery, and other trauma conditions.

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