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Cribs Hospital is one of the few medical institutions that provide unbiased healthcare services to people from all walks of life. Located in the heart of the city in Delhi NCR, we offer the widest range of medical facilities under one roof.

We started our efforts with a small hospital having 10 beds in Shaheen Bagh In the duration of 2014 to 2016, We took over Sanjivani Hospital. In 2016 and started with Cribs, a multi-specialty hospital, having 50 beds in Shaheen Bagh.

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Cribs Hospital is acclaimed for pioneering the private healthcare revolution in the country. It emerged as a trailblazer in providing integrated healthcare services with an excellent presence in the healthcare ecosystem. The cornerstones of the Cribs Hospital are its unstinting focus on medical excellence, providing world-class healthcare facilities at affordable costs to masses, and seamless adoption of new technologies and futuristic equipment.

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Our expert team has treated hundred of patients from 20+ countries

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