General Surgery

General surgery is a medical discipline that involves performing different surgical procedures to heal a wide spectrum of health conditions. At Cribs hospital, our general surgeons perform pre-operative and post-operative care as needed by patients. They can diagnose various diseases related to the abdomen, liver, pancreas, intestines, spleen, rectum, stomach, etc. They can also operate thyroid glands and hernias. They can also manage procedures performed on the breast or your skin. They can treat burn patients too. General surgeons are usually appointed in trauma centers and emergency wards

You don’t have to be confused between general surgeons and other specialties. A specific disease that requires a more comprehensive and depth knowledge, it is passed to specialties. At the same time, a general surgeon is trained to work on various diseases that require core medical knowledge. Our general surgeons at Cribs have gone through rigorous training and practice to learn about various surgical procedures. They know how to stabilize patients especially those who are under critical care.

When to see a general surgeon?

  • You may have to encounter a general surgeon if the treatment plan requires more invasive intervention. 
  • If patients want to undergo weight-loss surgeries, they have to check with general surgeons.
  • If there are surgical procedures that lie within the scope of a general surgeon like colon or abdomen resection, and organ transplantation, etc.
  • If patients need emergency care and expected to be operated quickly. 
  • If patients need pre-operative and post-operative surgical care, they should see a general surgeon. 
  • If patients are recommended minimally invasive surgeries where chances of complications are low and recovery is faster.

We have a team of prominent general surgeons delivering the utmost care and round-the-clock monitoring to patients who need critical care. To meet our general surgeons, book an appointment or contact us now.