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We offer exclusive treatment for different urological conditions. Our best-in-class offices have practical experience in giving administrations in the territories of urology, uro-oncology, reconstructive urology, automated medical procedure, kidney transplantation, and laparoscopic andrology administrations among others.

Our emergency clinic has very much created treatment conventions for the treatment of sexual brokenness and fruitlessness issues. The group additionally has practical experience in treating instances of Hypogonadism, Micro Penis, Erectile Dysfunction, and Infertility. We have multi-disciplinary methodologies through which they give extensive treatment to Penile Prosthesis, Penile Lengthening, and Penile Vascularization alongside Varicocelectomy. We spend significant time in Andrology. Our Hospital has a very much created group to give extensive treatment to obstructive expanded prostate organs.

We are one of the best medical clinics in Urology, Genito-Urinary issues and medical procedures, Laparoscopic Urological Surgeries, Sexual Health Issues, and Urinary Incontinence treatment, and the board.

Considered the best urology hospital, we fuse the most recent progressions of the therapeutic field to offer the most elevated clinical administration norms and patient-driven consideration. A portion of our extraordinary administrations incorporates Laparoscopic Urological Surgery, ABO Incompatible Kidney Transplant, Renal Transplantation, Uro-Oncology, Reconstructive Surgery of Urinary Tract, and laser urological methods.

We have created Uro-Dynamics Lab to identify and treat different well-being illnesses, for example, – Bladder Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Kidney Stones, Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer. We have a chain of emergency hospitals serving our patients with a wide range of required Urology medications.

We have the key ability in giving treatment for urethral strictures, treatment of the genitourinary tract, and for the scope of pediatric urological issues. Throughout the years’ various patients have been dealt with effectively for urinary incontinence, uro-oncology, and reconstructive medical procedure of the urinary tract. Our hospital gives far-reaching careful and restorative administration conventions for the equivalent.  Patients are additionally advised by a group of analyst and physiotherapists that give the patients the rehabilitative help required.