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Illness, injuries, or disorders that involve the nervous system often require management and treatment by a neurologist. Problems with the senses also cause by nervous system disorders. The nervous system is consisting of two parts, the central and the peripheral nervous system. A neurologist manages and treats problems with the nervous system or complex neurological conditions. As the nervous system is quite complex, neurologists may specialize in a specific area that narrows down the doctors’ focus too.

Neurology OPD

In your first appointment with neurologists in our OPD, they will likely perform a physical exam and test muscle strength, coordination, and reflexes. Since more neurological conditions may have similar symptoms, the neurologist may require more testing procedures to make the right diagnosis. Book an appointment in our neurology OPD now!

Neurology Surgery

We offer super specialty care to various neurological disorders. We do provide special treatment for all kinds of brain tumours, movement disorders, brain anomalies, or trauma conditions, etc. We offer minimally invasive brain surgeries using advanced medical equipment and facilities.

We have the best neurological operation theatre that ensure precise treatment of brain tumours by constantly updating MRI scan images during the surgery. We also perform neurological surgeries using state-of-art medical procedures in presence of most acclaimed neurologists.
The constant care is given to patients having serious neurological conditions. There is 24/7 monitoring services and special attention is given to highly dependent patients.