Expert Team of Nephrologist for Simple to Complex Nephrological Conditions

Our department of nephrology provides comprehensive care across a spectrum of kidney diseases. Transplantation facilities are engineered to deliver the utmost care and successful outcomes in incompatible transplants. Our expert team of doctors is well recognized for their superior clinical skills and deliver treatment for all age groups. When it comes to complex medical conditions, high-level technical expertise is needed for challenging life-saving procedures. 


We do offer advanced diagnostics, comprehensive evaluation before surgery, the latest equipment for surgeries, and post-operative care to reduce the chances of infection to the maximum extent. We provide dialysis services driven by an experienced team of nephrologists, qualified nurses, hemodialysis technicians, and registered technicians. We provide hemodialysis and dialysis services to all age groups.

With state-of-art technologies and advanced infrastructure, we operate 24×7 at full capacity. Our excellence is a combination of multidisciplinary teams, clinical quality, and world-class facilities.

Nephrology OPD

Multiple surgeries and admissions every year makes us expert to provide the best care in Nephrology. Our nephrologists team offers passionate care for critical nephrological conditions and expert consultancy to everyone who comes to us. Book an appointment with our qualified team of doctors now.


Nephrology Surgery

Our world-trained doctors work in co-ordination to ease the suffering of people with kidney disorders. We have the most advanced and sophisticated surgical system where we perform minimally invasive surgeries with the utmost care. We provide treatment for all disorders related to the kidney from simple to complex levels.
The clinical team of internationally renowned doctors provide the wonderful care for all nephrological diseases. Feel free to get in touch with our specialists or a specific department to get the information about services we provide at Cribs.