“Comprehensive Cardiac Care for a Healthy Heart”

Getting yourself tested & treated by the best of cardiology trailblazers is not only a wise decision but a vital choice when it comes to healthy living. It is especially true for critical illnesses impacting hearts badly.

Our Cardiology Department provides unsurpassed excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of heart-related conditions. Our cardiology department has a team of world-class cardiologists, well-versed with advanced technology equipment, and offers intensive care to all patients. 

Our patients can access world-class imaging and research facilities including laboratories. It is a medical hub where patients with multiple conditions can be diagnosed and treated at one convenient place by an expert team of doctors.


Cardiac OPD

It is first contact point where you can ask to schedule appointments with our team of expert cardiologists having years of proven experience in the cardiac domain and accomplished plethora of cardiac procedures and surgeries in the last few years.

Cardiac Surgery

Our Cardiac surgery department is renowned for dealing with complex heart issues through innovative therapies and advanced surgical treatments. Our team of cardia surgeon are expert in their domain and perform complex cardiac surgeries or procedure with utmost care.
Our Cardiac team has achieved incredible pioneer advancements in the field of cardiology procedures at an overwhelming success rate. We have a special department dedicated to young ones where best possible care and treatment is given to kids.