State of the Art Equimpent

Critical Care is a healthcare facility that takes care of patients with a life-threatening illness, trauma, and acute diseases. Our hospital is equipped with four Intensive Care Units (CICU, HDU, PICU, NICU) supported with upgraded facilities of continuous invasive monitoring, ventilators, infusion pumps, Point of Care USG, etc.

Exceptional Quality

Patients of all ages and critical medical conditions who need specialized management are taken to the Intensive Care Units having dedicated specialists that provide round the clock care catering to all emergencies.

Critical Intensive Care Unit

It is a highly specialized unit equipped with life-support gadgets and state-of-art monitoring where critically ill patients are cared by world-class specialists. Our CICU staff includes Critical care technicians, clinical nurse experts, Intensivists, Physical therapists, etc.

Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

It is a specialized care unit for small kids where a dedicated team of experts and nurses give round-the-clock services to everyone from minor to critically ill children.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

This intensive care unit is equipped with various modern gadgets, Vital monitors, LED phototherapy equipment, ventilators, and open care systems to treat critically ill toddlers.

High Dependency Unit

It is an intensive care unit for more injured patients that need constant monitoring and extra care as compared to normal patients. Also, the unit should be equipped with all modern and specialized equipment.

Always Striving to Provide Affordable,
Quality Healthcare

World Class Facilities

We intend to provide world-class critical care facility at affordable costs to masses and dedicated to maintaining excellence in the medical industry for the benefit of humanity.

Professional Expertise

The hospital is designed to deliver the highest level of professional expertise and intensive care in all major disciplines of Cardiology, Neurosciences, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Urology, Oncology Department, , and Rehabilitative Services among many more.

Affordable to the Masses

With a focused patient-centric approach, we give a distinct cost advantage and an edge in technological advancements in terms of medical equipment. The philosophy of our medial organization rests on the pillars of technical superiority and sustained commitment.

Adaptive Thinking

We provide personalized care to our patients that inspire hope and a sense of care in all our patients. Undoubtedly, Cribs Hospital has defined a new horizon for a future where people are healthy and fit and India emerges as the preferred global healthcare center worldwide.