General medicine is a special branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of internal organs disorder. It helps you to identify the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of a wide spectrum of disorders related to every part of the body. It covers up information related to chronic illness and its diagnosis. General medicine covers the majority of hospital-based specialties. It consists of prevention, diagnosis, and management of a plethora of hospital-based interventional procedures.

This branch is headed by general physicians who specialize in various diseases affecting the body and its primary treatment does not involve any surgery. He generally needs a broad medical knowledge to deal with various health conditions. Further, they can specialize in a particular area as per the interest. 

At CRIBS, our general physicians are well trained and experienced having a broad knowledge of various health conditions and suggest the best treatment to all our patients. They will help to arrange a diverse range of tests suitable for your condition. It may include Ultrasound, ECG, Urinalysis, blood sugar tests, blood pressure tests, etc. They are involved in laboratory tests to find the cause of illness and it is easy to treat a specific medical condition when you are sure of the real reason. 

A biopsy is also categorized under this category where a piece of tissue is sent to pathologists for further analysis. Radio diagnosis is also a part of the general investigation that includes X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, etc. Nuclear medical tests are suggested in rare medical conditions. Once he has found out the problem, he will refer to the specific department. For example, there is an issue related to the heart then you have to visit the cardiologist in this case.

At Cribs, our general physicians are highly experienced and they can detect the problem by looking at your nails, mouth, eyes, hands, skin, etc. after this, they will examine your lungs, abdomen, nervous system to get some clues. In the end, he will suggest the best appropriate investigation to confirm their clinical suspicions. For exceptional and comprehensive healthcare for common health disorders, book an appointment now.