At Cribs, we have a multi-specialty dental setup where we provide comprehensive treatment for various dental conditions under one roof. We have a team of exceptionally trained dentists that are committed to providing the best dental care in the country and giving you an aesthetically pleasing smile. 

Our different types of dental services include cleaning, fillings, root canal, crowning, extractions, sealants, and full dentures. Our staff is highly dedicated to fulfill the special oral health needs of a patient. We examine patients through x-rays or other tests at each initial visit. If the treatment needs any oral surgery then the patient is referred to the same.

At our department, we utilize cutting-edge technology and equipment to make dental treatment safer, simple, and more efficient. We are working in a most hygienic, safe, and sustaining environment, reinforced by a reverential staff that guarantees the best dental care for patients with exceptional outcomes.

We have adopted a specialized and holistic approach to design the best line of treatment of our patients. We are pride in following an intense asepsis protocol that is mandatory at each stage of the treatment. We value your time and schedule appointments that suit you the most. It would into be saying wrong that we are offering the most enriching and delightful dental experience in the world.

We offer all dental services under one roof and our subspecialties include, Oral Surgery, Jaw Surgery, Dental Implants, cosmetic surgery, facial injuries, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, cavities, rehabilitation of the full mouth, dentures, cleaning, polishing, tooth whitening, bleaching, etc.

Cosmetic dentistry is an innovation in the dental industry and it improves the way how you look and smile. It can be carried in a single sitting or sometimes takes time as per the requirements.