Expert paediatric and new-born care that keeps your child healthier and happier

At Cribs, we strive to deliver high-quality complete care to kids from birth to early adulthood. Our expert team of paediatricians makes it a goal to provide comprehensive support to kids they need. The moment you walk to our doors, we ensure that your child will receive the best medical attention from the world’s best doctors. From general physical check-up to intense medical tests, we try to provide every possible service in-house.

At our Neonatal department, we provide intensive care to critically ill new-born kids. It is a subspecialty of the paediatric department that is dedicated to a new born or a premature new born who needs special attention. Sometimes, premature new born kids having lower body weight, so they need specialized care by neonatal experts.

We have a team of experienced paediatricians that allow women to deliver their kids safely. We have the most advanced NICU, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where we are working together to care for both, mother and baby. We offer 24×7 services for any emergency medical needs. We adopt a multidisciplinary approach to treat high-risk pregnancies and sick babies. We work out the best care plan and ensure that the mother and baby both are healthy when they are discharged.


Our Neonatologists specialists are working with other members of the healthcare team that include general physicians, neonatal practitioners, assistants, nurses, nutritionists, etc. When all of them are committed towards a single goal, they can provide the best possible care for infants. Also, we believe in adopting the best practices that help us in providing the intensive care to both, mother and the baby.